UNCG Sociology Making a Difference for the Holidays

Posted on November 20, 2013

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According to Interactive Resource Center Director Liz Seymour, the IRC staff were hoping to open on the weekends over the upcoming holidays, but likely were not going to have the funds to make that happen. It costs $1,500 to stay open on the weekends for a month.

Thanks to the efforts of UNCG Sociology, the IRC will now be able to serve the homeless on weekends for an entire month when they otherwise would have been closed.

During homecoming week, the sociology department focused on their “Inequality and Social Justice in a Changing World” theme by asking the UNCG and Greensboro communities to “help sociology help the homeless.” The department hosted a raffle to benefit the Interactive Resource Center of Greensboro. The IRC provides services for the homeless in Greensboro and is the sociology department’s community partner for this year. Please learn more about the IRC by visiting their website at www.gsodaycenter.org.

The department raffled off an array of goods and services provided by local businesses and non-profits.

Sociology raised $1,506 to support the IRC.

For more information about the sociology centennial activities, visit soc.uncg.edu, where a full list of business and community contributors to the raffle also can be found.


Reposted from UNCG Campus Weekly

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