UNCG Leads Nation in Contributing to “Public Good”

Posted on September 10, 2013

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UNCG ranks among the fewer than 300 American universities that contribute most to the public good, an honor the university has earned since 2006.

Washington Monthly’s National University Ranking 2013 list includes 284 universities, public, private and for-profit. UNCG ranked 88th overall, based on social mobility, student service and research.

UNCG stands out for recruiting and graduating low-income students and student service. The magazine ranks the university 10th in the nation for serving low-income students and 21st for student service.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady says she is proud of the continued recognition from Washington Monthly. “We don’t build physical or virtual walls around our campus and that is a point of pride for this university,” she says. “We elevate our students and empower them to reach their fullest potential, and that includes giving back to their communities.”

UNCG has been lauded by educational watchdog groups like College Factual and Education Trust for affordability and success in closing the graduation rate gap between black and white students.

“We change students’ lives by combining access and success while simultaneously insisting on rigorous academic standards,” says Dr. Steve Roberson, UNCG’s dean of undergraduate studies. “We are producing thousands of graduates who are in full command of the broad array of educational achievements so necessary in the 21st century, thereby providing a workforce that is essential to the economic and civic vitality of the Triad and the state.”

Roberson also points to the role of UNCG’s faculty, staff and students in transforming their community, and the world, through research and service.

“Community service and volunteerism are in the DNA of this great university,” he says. “We are, indeed, committed to making the world around us better.”

During the past year, UNCG students dedicated 819,455 hours to community service. A total of 11,549 students were involved in service in the area and region, including work with seniors and elementary students, Habitat for Humanity and dozens of other opportunities. Of those volunteers, 5,584 individual students contributed more than 20 hours of service.

“UNCG strongly believes in community engagement and service,” says Dr. Cherry Callahan, UNCG’s vice chancellor for student affairs. “The university’s motto, established in 1893, is ‘Service’. The contribution of more than 819,000 hours of service for our region shows how much our students work to meet that motto. I’m very proud of their accomplishment, and inspired by the work of our students, faculty and staff.”

UNCG has received several national recognitions for service, including the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction. UNCG has been selected as a member of the honor roll for service since the inception of the award in 2006.

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