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Posted on February 19, 2015

The UNCG Center for Community-Engaged Design has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for Graffiti Garden through The Spartan Project at UNCG.

The Center for Community-Engaged Design has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for Graffiti Garden through The Spartan Project at UNCG.  Graffiti Garden is a one-year old urban-community project that focuses on providing transitional, homeless, and unaccompanied youth with an educational garden plot in which to cultivate skills for a lifetime of healthful nutrition, while cultivating a garden of healthy food and introducing ideas about permaculture as a means of sustainability. Graffiti Garden will ultimately provide nutritious food options, educational experiences in horticulture and permaculture (and eventually animal husbandry!), and skill-building for under-served youth in Greensboro, which will enable them to live and work independently.

Graffiti Garden was founded by Justin Lee and is located at 1006 West Florida Street, less than a mile and a half from UNC Greensboro’s campus.  The garden’s design is structured to supply space for a multipurpose, edible landscape while utilizing permaculture gardening strategies and design.  Permaculture gardening develops agricultural ecosystems that are intentionally sustainable and self-sufficient through composting organic materials, and creating resilient habitats from the ground up.

Every contribution from you supports Graffiti Garden with items such as raised plant beds, keyhole gardens, gardening tools, and construction of much needed structures such as a storage shed, irrigation system, and a chicken coop. Please consider supporting Graffiti Garden by spreading the word about the importance of this project.  All contributions are charitable donations and will receive an official tax receipt.

For further information about Graffiti Garden and The Spartan Project Campaign please visit

From your Friends at the Center for Community-Engaged Design at UNC Greensboro and on behalf of Justin Lee and the Graffiti Garden…

Thank you; we appreciate your support!

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