Spring Weekends at UNCG

Posted on March 18, 2015

Spring has nearly sprung. And there’s a lot to do virtually every weekday evening at UNCG. What about the weekends? Here’s a sampling of ways to enjoy yourself, Spartan-style

Spring has nearly sprung. And there’s a lot to do virtually every weekday evening at UNCG. What about the weekends? Here’s a sampling of ways to enjoy yourself, Spartan-style:

  • North Carolina Science Olympiad will be all day this Saturday (March 21), in various buildings on campus plus Kaplan Commons. We understand that’s where the bottle rockets will be, by the way. The schedule’s at http://www.sciencenc.com/tournament-information/greensboro/greensboro.php.
  • Enjoy reading in beautiful Foust Park, in the shadow of a diverse collection of trees. Come have a picnic and get in touch with nature. A weekend nap is optional.
  • UNCG’s Science, Science, Everywhere.  With lots of science and STEM activities and stations throughout campus, it’ll be family friendly and very kid friendly. It’s part of the NC Science Festival. CW will run a full story as the free-admission event gets closer, but mark your calendar now for Saturday, April 25.
  • Listen to WUAG. You won’t love every show. That’s the beauty of UAG – every show is very different. But give a few a try – if you don’t like it, change to some other station. And check back some other time. Just try it. There are no commercials. Last Sunday, WUAG had White Stripes, Nirvana, Pixies and Joan Jett in the same hour – and lots of stuff that really opened my ears. Listen here – and see the schedule of shows.
  • Follow Delana Harvick on Twitter on Nascar race days. She gives you a remarkably candid look; the hour or two before the race you can ask her questions via Twitter and during the race she gives you her perspective. Hey, Kevin Harvick is on a roll, winning the championship last year and finishing first or second in the last 7 Sprint Cup races. Delana, who majored in English at UNCG (she says Dr. Charles Tisdale was her favorite English professor), is an engaging communicator. Check it out at https://twitter.com/delanaharvick.
  • Putt on the practice greens. Or run the Belk track. Or shoot on the outdoor courts.
  • Watch some men’s or women’s tennis. What’s better is watching them back to back. This Saturday (March 21) offers that opportunity. Men’s Tennis begins at noon; Women’s Tennis begins at 2 p.m.  It’s great viewing – you’re close to the action, and you can move from one pair of matches to the next. There’s likely to be an interval (2-2:30) when both are playing – that’s a lot of tennis to enjoy. There’s no admission charge.
  • Baseball or Softball. If you haven’t seen a softball game, do it. You’re on top of the action in our great stadium, and the team had one of the top 20 batting averages in the nation at one point this season. And UNCG Baseball, playing in an excellent stadium, is a super way to enjoy an afternoon. They have a 4-1 record at home.
  • Check out the UNCG Gatewood Gallery and UNCG’s Weatherspoon Art Museum (which hosts its Family Day March 21, by the way). Enjoy browsing on Tate Street. Admire the campus – we have more Harry Barton designed buildings than any other place. Relax and people-watch at the Fountain. Enjoy the Taylor Garden, the Alumni House’s “Secretaries’ Garden” named in honor of the leaders of the Alumni organization over the decades, and the Vacc Bell Tower landscaping. Swing on the swings. Make a wish and leave a coin at Minerva. Stroll to Kaplan Commons – bring a Frisbee and you’ll make new friends. Walk through the Herring Garden next to the Music Building. And of course, there’s a pleasingly cool Peabody Park.
  • And we’re not even mentioning students-only events, like “Spartanfest.”
  • But we have to mention one more: the ever-popular UNCG International Festival. A great diversity of food and entertainment awaits. CW will tell you more later, but mark the date: Saturday, April 11. Once again, it’s free admission.

Spring at UNCG. What could be better?

By Mike Harris
Reposted from UNCG Campus Weekly

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