School of Health and Human Sciences Launches New Website and Initiative for School-Level Engaged Scholarship

Posted on August 10, 2012

The School of Health and Human Sciences has been chosen to “beta test” engaged scholarship for UNCG. Through our efforts, we will provide a model for UNCG on how to both measure and promote community engagement – this work will position UNCG to be a system-wide leader in this important area.

Disciplines within HHS, by their very nature, address the needs of individuals, families, and communities from diverse cultures across the entire lifespan. The Departments and programs have a great mix of scholars known for their knowledge and contributions to communities across the state and beyond.

Together, HHS has a total of 854 community affiliations either by faculty engagement and service in communities, or by students’ service, internships, or clinical placements.

HHS Community Engagement Survey
To tell the HHS Engagement story, Dean Celia Hooper appointed Dr. Bob Wineburg, the Jefferson Pilot Excellence Professor, as HHS Director of Community Engagement. Bob’s first charge was to obtain a data driven picture of HHS engagement with a Community Engagement Survey.

The survey, with an astounding 83% response rate, tells us what engagement looks like in terms of duration, faculty status, outcomes, challenges, and needs.

Early results show that HHS faculty on average have four organizational affiliations where they:
– Conduct collaborative research with partners.
– Work with students on organizationally based research projects and other student assignments.
– Guide organizations in governance, such as serving as a board member .
– Participate in advocacy roles that promote and enhance the work of their partner agencies

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