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Recipients of Strategic Seed Grants Announced

Last fall, proposals were solicited for seed grants to fund research and creativity activity tied to the thematic areas of focus in the UNCG strategic plan.  This opportunity was designed to support faculty engagement in multidisciplinary endeavors that advance understanding of key factors related to and/or develop solutions to some of the major challenges associated with Health and Wellness, Vibrant Communities, or Global Connections. After a review process that included both peers, community members, and campus leadership, the following awardees have been announced:


Allison Bramwell, Political Science; Al Link, Economics; Daniel Herr, Nanoscience; & Jim Ryan, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
Creating Nano Opportunity

Allan Goldfarb, Kinesiology; Blair Wisco, Psychology; & Joseph Starobin, Nanoscience
Identifying Electrophysiological and Blood Markers

David Gwynn, University Libraries; Lisa Tolbert, History; & Nora Bird, Library and Information Studies
North Carolina Runaway Slave Project

Prashanti Manda, Computer Science & Xiaoli Geo, Mathematics
Robust Integrative Data Analysis for Ontology-Powered Big Biological Data

Sherri McFarland, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Jianjun Wei, Nanoscience; Liam Duffy, Chemistry; & Colin Cameron, Chemistry
Using Nanophotomedicine to Fight Cancer

Randy Schmitz, Kinesiology; Robin Wilkins, ORED; Louisa Raisbeck, Kinesiology; Chris Rhea, Kinesiology
Neural Correlates of Effective Motor Transference Following an Attentionally Focused Neuromuscular Intervention

Gabriela Stein, Psychology; Laura Gonzalez, Counseling and Educational Development; Andy Supple, Human Development and Family Studies; & Stephanie Coard, Human Development and Family Studies
Promoting Dialogues: Racial/Ethnic Socialization in Racially/Ethnically Diverse and Immigrant Families


Community Engaged Research:

Duane Cyrus, Dance; Cerise Glenn, Communication Studies; & Erin Lawrimore, University Libraries
Comanche: Hero Complexities

Christine Murray, Counseling and Educational Development; Rick Bunch, Geography; & Xiaoli Gao, Mathematics
Identifying High-Risk and Underserved Neighborhoods for Interpersonal Violence and Abuse in Greensboro Using GIS and Big Data Analysis

Sandy Shultz, Kinesiology; Emily Janke, Peace and Conflict Studies; Lauren Haldeman, Nutrition; & Marianne LeGreco, Communication Studies
Lifetime Eating and Physical Activity Practices (LEAP) Forward: Common Goals and Common Measures

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