Physical fitness and memory – participants sought

Posted on September 26, 2014


Researchers at UNCG are interested in understanding the relationship between physical fitness and memory. If you qualify to participate, you will be invited to attend a single session on the UNCG campus which takes approximately 90 minutes.

Inclusion criteria: Age of 18-25 years old or 50-65 years old, and no medical issues that preclude participation in a submaximal fitness test. Exclusion criteria (determined through questionnaires): Clinical cognitive impairment or uncorrected visual or hearing impairment. Procedures: Fill out questionnaires to ensure your eligibility to be in the study (about 15 minutes); perform three computerized cognitive tasks (about 60 minutes); complete a submaximal test to measure your physical fitness (about 15 minutes). A parking pass will be provided to each participant who is coming from off-campus and requires parking. For more information, contact Chia-Hao Shih at or 334-3275.

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