Integrating Restorative Justice Practices in Sport-based Youth Development Programs

Posted on May 10, 2017

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Youth Sports

Dr. Michael Hemphill (Kinesiology) and Dr. Emily Janke (Peace and Conflict Studies, Institute for Community and Economic Engagement) are working collaboratively on a study that examines conflict resolution as a missing component of professional development programs offered to future and current coaches, physical education teachers, and others who engage youth through sport. This community-engaged, interdisciplinary study develops synergies between Hemphill’s scholarship in Sport-based Youth Development (SBYD), which focuses on research-based frameworks to empower youth sport providers to implement effective pedagogy in ways that are responsive to local contexts, and Janke’s scholarship that focuses on partnerships and community engagement methodologies to build community-university relationships and capacities for mutual benefit.

Together, the expertise and agendas of both scholars forges a new and interdisciplinary perspective to address conflict in a sport setting. Moreover, both Hemphill and Janke have established collaborative scholarly relationships with researchers with the The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice and the Faculty of Education at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), and leaders and practitioners of community-, school-, and government-based sport programs. Hemphill and Janke will travel to New Zealand to initiate the research project in summer 2017. The research project will include asset-based community development, community engagement methodologies, qualitative interviews, and program observations. This grant proposal is the result of several years of partnership development conducted independently by Hemphill and Janke. By combining our efforts, we have established an interdisciplinary and international partnership for promoting peace through sport.

This research is supported by the Health and Human Sciences Grant and the Faculty First Grant.



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