Global Engagement QEP Course Development Award recipients

Congratulations to the second round of 2015 Global Engagement QEP Course Development Award recipients. These awards were $500 or $1,000:

Dr. Deborah Bell, Department of Theatre, HSS 205: The Age of Masquerade

Dr. Sarah Daynes, Department of Sociology, SOC 290: Thinking Sociologically: Classical Theory

Dr. Donna Duffy and Professor Lisa McDonald, Department of Kinesiology and Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, HHS 589: Exploring Intersections of Latino Individual, Family and Community Life

Dr. Cerise Glenn, Department of Communication Studies, CST 410: Social Identity in Popular Culture and Media

Dr. Lavinia Hirsu, Department of English, ENG 363: Digital Rhetorics: Global Identities in a Multimediated World

Dr. Brooke Kreitinger, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, GER 406: Advanced Topics in German Culture: Unsettling Images and Issues of Transnational Migration

Dr. Derek Krueger, Department of Religious Studies, REL 503: From Constantinople to Istanbul: A City and Its Monuments

Dr. Nir Kshetri, Department of Management, MGT 400: Cybersecurity Management

Dr. Justin Lee, Department of Social Work, SWK 5XX: Global Transmigration: The Immigrant and Refugee Experience

Professor Janet Lilly, Department of Dance, MTD 338/638: Dancing in the Heart of Italy

Dr. Alexandra S. Moore, Department of English, HSS 227: ‘Just’ Fiction: Human Rights in Literature and Culture

Dr. Sharon D. Morrison, Department of Public Health Education, HEA 589C: Refugee Experiences and Protection in Global Contexts

Dr. Noelle Morrissette, Department of English, ENG 374: Early African-American Writers and ENG 376: African American Writers After the 1920s

Dr. Elizabeth Perrill, Department of Art, ARH 370: African Art

Dr. Chiaki Takagi, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, JNS 305: Roles of Children and Youth in Modern Japan, JNS 306: The Elderly in an Aging Nation, and JNS 306: Disaster, Energy Crisis, and Sustainability in Post-Fukushima Japan

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