Students scanning Green Book ephemera at the Magnolia House and public library.

Community-Engaged P2 Grant Awardees 2021

We are excited to announce the recipients of the UNCG Community Engaged Pathways and Partnerships (P2) Grant for 2021.

The two funded projects are:

  • Crafting a Community-Engaged Approach: Creating Pathways for African Americans in Public History
  • Humanities Action Lab Collaborative

Each team will receive $16,000 over the next three years to support their community-engaged work.

This is the fourth cohort to be supported by the P2 Collective Scholarship Fellows Program, which is offered through UNCG’s Institute for Community and Economic Engagement and the Office of Research and Engagement.

“Trusting and reciprocal relationships are the key ingredients to making sure scholarship is relevant, available, and accessible to – as well as generated with – our communities,” says Dr. Emily Janke, director of ICEE. “This grant expands the number and diversity of partners engaged in collective scholarship – each bringing their unique perspectives, assets, and passion as they develop new ideas and avenues for making a difference. ”

Crafting a Community-Engaged Approach: Creating Pathways for African Americans in Public History

This team – composed of scholars at UNC Greensboro and NC Central University and community partners from the North Carolina African American Heritage Commission – is working to support grassroots Black history projects and to help African American students and emerging professionals enter into and thrive in the field of public history.

“The reviewers were especially impressed with the strong vision and relationship development upon which this proposal is founded,” says Dr. Janke. “Working since 2017 to support pathways for African American students and emerging professionals entering the field, this partnership now looks beyond the university and museum context to grassroots coalitions as places and spaces for professional practice and preservation of community histories.”

Offices/organizations represented: Departments of History at UNCG and NCCU, UNCG Lloyd International Honors College, UNCG African American & African Diaspora Studies Program, North Carolina African American Heritage Commission

Team members: Anne Parsons (primary contact), Omar Ali, Torren Gatson, Charles Denton Johnson, Adrienne Nirde, Angela Thorpe

Humanities Action Lab Collaborative

The Humanities Action Lab (HAL) Collaborative aims to create durable pathways for collaboration between faculty, community partners, and the larger public. The team – which involves representatives from UNCG, Faith Action International House, and the Town of Princeville – will use P2 funding to add the legislative theatre process to their ongoing activities. Legislative theatre is a democratic form of action research in which all community members can participate in identifying pressing community needs, and then crafting policy responses.

“This partnership will build on and deepen the relationships and vision developed with the town of Princeville and Faith Action International into very exciting projects that advance both community and UNCG priorities,” says Dr. Janke.

Offices/Organizations represented: UNCG Peace and Conflict Studies, UNCG English, UNCG Biology, the UNCG Provost Office, UNCG Beyond Academics, the Town of Princeville, and Faith Action International House

Team Members: Marcia Hale (primary contact), Jim Coleman, Jennifer Feather, David Fraccaro, Lalenja Harrington, and Glenda Knight.

Learn more about the new cohort and their projects here.

Photography by Martin W. Kane. Dr. Torren Gatson and graduate students in Museum Studies participate in a public history document scanning event at the Historic Magnolia House. Learn more at