CNNC Holds Volunteer Appreciation Week

Posted on December 08, 2014

CNNC appreciation cranes

Origami cranes hold thank-you letters for CNNC volunteers

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Center for New North Carolinians this past week recognized volunteers at all three of its community centers. CNNC staff, AmeriCorps coordinators for each site, and the youth who participate in the after school tutoring program created personalized gifts to show their appreciation.

Over three hundred individuals have volunteered to tutor local youths from over seventy immigrant and refugee families at the Ashton Woods, Glen Haven and Oakwood Forest community centers. Their service was acknowledged with signed banners thanking the volunteers, and an assortment of crafts such as thank-you letters folded into origami shapes and coffee mugs with personal messages from the children that provided a heartwarming token of thanks.

While the CNNC has traditionally recognized its volunteers at each center’s end of the year party, this is the first Volunteer Appreciation Week. Many thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Reposted from the UNCG Center for New North Carolinians

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