Calling all UNCG graduate students: Apply to be a PAGE fellow!

Posted on April 15, 2013

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Are you a graduate student interested in community-engagement and the arts, humanities, and design? Do you want to connect to a national network of peers and mentors to enhance your scholarship? If so, then consider applying for the Publicly Active Graduate Education Fellowship!

PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education) is Imagining America’s (IA’s) network for publicly engaged graduate students in humanities, arts, and design. PAGE enhances the theoretical and practical tools for public engagement; fosters a national, interdisciplinary community of peers and veteran scholars; and creates opportunities for collaborative knowledge production.

Imagining America invites graduate students with a demonstrated interest in publicly engaged scholarship and/or artistic practice to apply for a 2013-2014 PAGE Fellowship. Awardees receive $500 to attend a half-day Fellows Summit on October 3rd and the 2013 Imagining America national conference, October 4th-6th, both at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. The PAGE consortium, made up of alumni and allies of the program, helps promote opportunities for senior and peer mentorship and support from IA’s network. Upon acceptance of a Fellowship, participants also commit to taking part in a yearlong working group to promote collaborative art-making, teaching, writing, and research. PAGE alumni and Fellows will work together to organize with monthly conference calls around themes and questions relevant to the needs of publicly engaged graduate students. In doing so, PAGE is fostering a cohort of Fellows interested in pursuing collective and innovative scholarly practices. Fellows are asked to be active participants in the Imagining America network through posting on the IA Blog, presenting at regional meetings or campus workshops, or another appropriate professional convening. Additionally, each Fellow will be tasked with co-facilitating a webinar or workshop during the 2013-2014 academic year. Past examples include: book group discussions, virtual dinner parties, guest lectures, skill-building demonstrations, and music performances.

Graduate students at all stages of their MA/MFA/PhD programs, including previous Fellows, may apply. Applicants must be graduate students during the 2013-2014 academic year, but do not have to be planning a career within higher education.

Note: Only students who are affiliated with Imagining America member institutions are eligible for this award. For a list of member institutions, and more information about Imagining America, visit

Click here to learn about the application process and to apply.

UNCG is a member institution of Imagining America, a national consortium of universities and organizations dedicated to advancing the public and civic purposes of humanities, arts, and design. As part of the consortium, UNCG members have access to many translocal collaboration opportunities, grants, and arts engagements that Imagining America sponsors, and are encouraged to attend the annual conference. Contact campus liaison Emily Janke for more information at

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