Art: Triumphs of Survivors of Domestic / Sexual Violence

Posted on March 18, 2015

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A new exhibition in the UNCG Multicultural Resource Center in the EUC displays art that was created by survivors of past intimate partner violence and sexual assault. The pieces were created through art workshops that were held this academic year at UNCG and in partnership with local domestic violence and sexual assault agencies, specifically Family Service of the Piedmont in Greensboro and High Point and Family Abuse Services in Burlington.

The survivor art workshops were led by two doctoral students in the UNCG Department of Counseling and Educational Development, Kelly Moore and Jaimie Stickl, under the supervision of faculty member Christine Murray. The workshops were an extension of the See the Triumph campaign co-founded by Murray and Allison Crowe, a professor at East Carolina University. The See the Triumph campaign is grounded in their research with hundreds of survivors of past intimate partner violence, and it aims to end the stigma surrounding domestic violence.

The goal of the art workshops was to provide a safe, supportive environment for survivors of past abuse to process and share their experiences of overcoming past abuse through the medium of art. Participants used a variety of art materials, including masks, mandalas, and pottery.

Some of the art pieces include statements from the survivors. One of these says, “This is the face I think people see of me. Although I have been through a little journey, I am NOT broken or damaged goods. I may not have all the answers at once, but I am determined to stay grounded. Survival of domestic violence is just one battle of the many we face in life.”

About the exhibit, Murray says, “It’s important that we listen to and honor the voices of survivors of abuse. This exhibit is one important way for survivors in our community to share their stories with others. Their inspiring stories are important for challenging the stigma that many survivors face today.”

The exhibition will be on display through April 28.

On April 1, there will be a reception at 4 p.m., at which Moore, Stickl and Murray will speak about the process of conducting the workshops and the ways that art can be part of the healing process for survivors of past abuse.

The exhibit’s co-sponsors are the UNCG Office of Multicultural Affairs, the UNCG Department of Counseling and Educational Development, Family Abuse Services, Family Services of the Piedmont and See the Triumph.

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