2013-14 Service-Learning Faculty Fellow: Dr. Marianne LeGreco

The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning (OLSL) is pleased to announce Dr. Marianne LeGreco as the 2013-14 Faculty Fellow. The Service-Learning Faculty Fellow program is sponsored by the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning. The Service-Learning Faculty Fellow program promotes faculty development and the scholarship of engagement by integrating community outreach with teaching, scholarship and service. The one year program is designed to increase the quantity and quality of service-learning courses, develop faculty leadership, and promote advocacy for service-learning.

“We have a very unique and important resource in the Office of Leadership and Service Learning at UNCG,” LeGreco said. “As part of my OLSL Fellowship, I hope to inspire current and new faculty to take advantage this Office and get engaged with their communities through service learning. Working with students and community partners has been an important part of my research, teaching, and service. My goal as a faculty fellow is to work with OLSL and the Faculty Learning Community on Service Learning to make better use of the service learning research and resources that are available to us at UNCG.”

“As a Communication Studies person, I often encourage people to take a moment to look at where they have been and where they are going. More specifically, my work as the OLSL faculty fellow will have me participating in some “needs talk” with current and new faculty about how the Office of Leadership and Service Learning can serve as the best possible resource for engaged faculty. Moreover, I will continue to co-organize the Faculty Learning Community on Service Learning, which is one of the most successful learning communities on campus.”

To learn more about Dr. LeGreco’s current projects and publications, please visit her homepage at http://www.uncg.edu/cst/faculty/legreco.html or email her at melegrec@uncg.edu.

For more information on the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program, visit http://olsl.uncg.edu/service-learning/s-l-faculty-fellows


Redacted from UNCG Campus Weekly and the Office of Leadership & Service-Learning