117 NC National Art Honor Society high schoolers visit UNCG

Posted on March 25, 2015

The Weatherspoon Art Museum

North Carolina’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society annually organizes a retreat to celebrate the achievement of their students and introduce them to our state’s best universities.

UNCG hosted the impressive group of students this year. Faculty welcomed them by conducting 10 different workshops, each 90 minutes long, in different media and disciplines of art. Each student could choose two to attend. The students also enjoyed lunch on campus and took tours of the Gatewood Building and the Weatherspoon Art Museum.

Jody Stouffer, AP art instructor at Lee County High School and NCAEA National Art Honor Society state director, organized the students’ retreat scheduling. A total of 117 creative high school students came to UNCG, he says.

“We also displayed their art work in the lobby of the Gatewood Building with a special exhibition,” Associate Professor Amy Purcell adds. (Some are seen in visual.) She organized the workshops on campus:

Monoprints: Jennifer Meanley
Collage and Experimental Drawing: Barbara Campbell
Animating with Photoshop: Amy Purcell
3d modeling with Blender: Chris Cassidy
Cyanotypes and Experimental Photography: Leah Sobsey
Ceramics: Nikki Blair
Sculpture and Carving: Andy Dunnill
What is Art History and Why it Matters: George Dimock
Ideals of Beauty:  A Global Survey: Elizabeth Perrill
Find a passion for Art Education: Maria Lim and Sunny Spillaine

See photos here.

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