UNCG’s motto of service is much more than just an endearing word that looks good alongside the university logo. With thousands of students, faculty, and staff providing over 600,000 hours of service in the community last year, we take service very seriously. Through deliberate programs and opportunities, UNCG volunteers gladly contribute time and talents to work with others to make a positive difference in our communities.


We understand the importance of promoting an institutional culture of service. Students and employees who engage in service also learn much about themselves, develop networks in the community, and gain a greater understanding of and ability to work with others who are different than themselves. Students are even more likely to graduate than those who are not similarly engaged in their communities! Working together in service, we all benefit.

Where to Go

Below you will find offices that assist in matching community groups with students, faculty, and staff who are interested in community service.

Are you a Community Member Looking for Volunteers?

There are several ways to recruit volunteers from UNCG through Office of Leadership and Service-Learning (OLSL):

Are you a Community Member Looking to Volunteer?

Volunteer Center of Greensboro

The Volunteer Center of Greensboro hosts an online database that you can use to search and apply for local volunteer positions in the community.

Are you a Faculty Member Looking to Volunteer?

Faculty – Staff Community Service Leave

UNCG offers Faculty/Staff Community Service Leave for Faculty/Staff members who are permanent halftime (50% FTE) or more and in leave earning status. These Faculty/Staff members awarded 24 hours of community service leave, annually, which may be used for volunteer participation in programs, services, and school/nonprofit organizations and tutoring/mentoring activities.

Are you a Student Looking to Volunteer?

The Office of Leadership & Service-Learning

The Office of Leadership & Service-Learning’s “My Service” database contains information on community/university partnerships in Greensboro and beyond. The database is available to UNCG faculty, staff and students only. Information includes everything from basic contact information and volunteer opportunities to service-learning courses, faculty connected to the organization, and community-based research questions.


Alternative Spring Break Trips

UNCG’s Alternative Spring Break trips are designed to provide an educational experience to a group of participants and are designed to link the Triad and North Carolina to the world through service. The UNCG program is affiliated with BreakAway, a national alternative break support agency. Since March of 2002, UNCG has sent volunteers to various destinations within the United States to provide service, to become educated on social issues affecting communities and to have LOTS of fun during spring break.


Athletic Volunteerism

Community engagement has become an integral part of the UNCG student athletes’ total educational experience contributing to the development of civic responsibility and volunteerism.


Community & Civic Engagement Fellows

The Community & Civic Engagement Fellows (CCEFs) are student volunteer leaders based out of the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning. CCEFs are dedicated to bringing community service, issue awareness and advocacy opportunities to the UNCG campus. Fellows may propose their own project within the application or may apply to lead a standing project. Depending on their nature, projects may be led individually or by a team of two students. Fellows serve for a full year (Fall – Spring). At the end of the spring semester, non-standing projects are evaluated and may become standing projects based upon sustainability, campus interest and potential for continued development.


Long-Term Service Opportunities

Increasingly, more UNCG students are looking for long-term service opportunities, both during their college career and post-graduation. The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning offers information on national and international service organizations to assist students and community members in finding opportunities with AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, Teach for America, etc.


Service Trips

Service Trips immerse students in regional communities and engage them in quality direct service that promotes education of social and environmental issues. Students reflect on their experiences, and are challenged to grow personally and become active citizens. The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning sponsors up to six trips a year during Winter Break (January), Spring Break (March) and in May (around graduation).


Volunteerism through Student Groups

There are a variety of clubs and Greek organizations on campus that volunteer in the community. To find out more about being a part of one of these groups as a student, or engaging with one of these groups as a community member, please visit the Office of Campus Activities and Programs.


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