Community Engagement Fellows

ICEE Community Engagement Fellows bring together faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community members to advance community engagement at UNC Greensboro and beyond. We invite you to explore the 2019 opportunities to enhance your community-engaged practices. Applications for the 2020 Fellows are due December 2, 2020. Complete a statement of interest to being the application process.

Archives, Archiving, and Community with Erin Lawrimore

This group will focus on connecting community-engaged scholars with archivists, librarians, and other professionals who are focused on long-term preservation of stories, information, and data. Participants will learn about tools for creating and managing their own scholarship with an eye towards long-term preservation. They will also learn about resources available to help the communities they work with preserving their own history in a sustainable, accessible way. Topics of conversation will include free and low-cost digital storytelling tools, oral history methodology, website archiving, and digitization practices.

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Be Here Club with Elise Eifert and Monica Scovell

The Be Here Club (BHC) is an informal monthly social/networking gathering intended to make the larger UNCG community a little smaller. Academic professionals, including faculty, administrators, and staff often operate in insulated channels with diverse responsibilities, therefore making communal socialization, integration, and partnerships challenging. BHC is also a forum to encourage engagement with community members and partners from outside of UNC Greensboro to add to the aesthetic of Greensboro and create real opportunities for societal improvement on a local level. Above all else, the BHC is simply a place to find, and build, camaraderie and comfort for those who call UNCG and Greensboro home.

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Community Engagement Writing Group with Michael Hemphill

Hemphill photoThe Community Engagement Writing Learning Community aims to connect community-engaged scholars to explore opportunities and challenges related to writing for scholarly publication through collaborating, networking, and supporting each other’s ideas. This group will meet weekly throughout the fall and spring semester. During each weekly meeting we provide individual and collaborative writing space. The purpose of this group is to establish an interdisciplinary community of practice among faculty whose scholarship connects to community engagement. Specific activities of the learning community will include networking, sharing writing projects and goals, and time for individual or collaborative writing. Periodically, the group will host guest speakers to share their expertise on relevant topics.

Circles of Pedagogy and Practice: Exploring Circle Process as a Process of Education and Restoration with Dr. Jeremy Rinker

Rinker photoOur community of practice will organize regular meetings to explore the philosophy and pedagogy behind circle processes and the potential uses of this unique form of community building and engagement. Dr. Rinker aspires to bring together beginners and more seasoned practitioners of circle-based facilitated dialogue (also called Native American Council or Family Group Conferencing, among other names) to develop a community of practice, support, and co-learning.

Over the last few years, across the nation, we have seen the explosion in interest in “restorative justice.” What does this movement mean to working for a safe, inclusive, and just community? What role do circles and facilitated dialogue play in building communities of change? How can a diverse set of University and community partners best map and engage the many community assets around restorative practices in the Triad community? This community of practice/learning community will meet regularly to probe these, and related, questions and explore the opportunities and challenges of circle processes as means of conflict prevention, intervention, community support, and social resilience.

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