P2 Grant

Community-Engaged Pathways and Partnerships (P2):

A Collective Scholarship Fellows Program

Hosted by the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement

and the Office of Research and Engagement

DEADLINE: Monday, September 29, 2023 5:00 p.m.
Questions: Contact Emily Janke, emjanke@uncg.edu

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Program Purpose

This P2 Fellows program supports and advances community-engaged scholarship among UNCG scholars and community partners. The program provides funding and professional development opportunities to teams who are working in a context of reciprocity and mutual benefit to advance knowledge about, and accelerate activities to address, community-identified priorities. This program is unique in that projects span three years; the focus is on community-engaged methods, practices, and outcomes; and the funds support team-based, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarship. In addition, professional development and networking opportunities are open to all P2 university and community partners.

Program Description

Community-university partnerships are often limited in their capacity, reach, effectiveness, and sustainability because the aims and activities are often focused on the agenda of an individual scholar or community partner. By connecting to larger, more collectively designed teams in which the relationships, vision, plans, efforts, and outcomes are shared, the partnership can reach its full potential and be sustained.

This program supports the visioning and planning needed to develop sustainable pathways and reciprocal community-university partnerships that both advances scholarly agendas and address community-identified priorities. Highly collaborative, reciprocal, community-university partnerships are foundational to transforming regions, students, and scholarship (key areas in the UNCG Strategic Plan) and are increasingly required to secure external funding. This three-year grant award program provides the time and support needed to develop sustainable pathways and partnerships.

View the 2024 Call for Proposals here.

Current Teams

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