Tap UNCG Talent

As a world-class university, UNCG is a great place to collaborate with specialists across a variety of fields. A talented pool of researchers, scholars, and students provide a wide array of knowledge to enhance the interests of and work with individuals, businesses, and community organizations.


Given the wide variety of areas of expertise, the UNCG community contributes important perspectives that inform and serve the public on a daily basis. Faculty, staff and students at UNCG offer an informed and scholarly perspective to ideas and concepts that address real-world questions and issues.

Where To Go

Below you will find links to databases and networks that provide information on faculty and staff members’ areas of specialty.


Biotechnology Partnerships

Biologists at UNCG readily share their expertise in biotechnology with the region’s biomedical and educational professionals. The Department invites inquiries from business and industry, health care facilities, and schools for assistance and training in this rapidly developing field. Faculty can adapt presentations to meet needs and solve problems in concept, technique, and equipment in both the laboratory and classroom. Formats include, but are not confined to, consultations, lectures, short courses, and workshops. All workshops include hands-on laboratory work for which a fee is charged.


Bryan School of Business Faculty Expertise

This list provides a comprehensive snapshot of the research interests and publications of the faculty in the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG.


Child & Family Research Network

The Child and Family Research Network (CFRN) is a group of faculty members and researchers from the UNCG community whose scholarship and teaching reflects a core concern for the welfare of children and families. The goal of the Network is to facilitate collaboration among these faculty and other individuals interested in children and families, and to enhance scholarship, teaching, and service within the local, regional, national and international community.


Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering

The Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering (JSNN) is a collaboration between North Carolina A&T State University and UNCG. JSNN’s mission is to train students to conduct basic and applied research in nanoscience and nanoengineering, and to work closely with the Piedmont Triad community to help enhance opportunities for economic and academic growth through its outreach and engagement activities. JSNN seeks to develop collaborations with the local and regional businesses that will raise the Triad’s Nanotechnology profile with the goal of attracting new industry and investment to the area and by doing so helping to stimulate the economic growth.



The Digital Online Collection of Knowledge and Scholarship is a cooperative effort to make the scholarly output of the University of North Carolina System more available to the world. NC DOCKS includes many full text articles, audio recordings, dissertations, and other formats. All materials are indexed by Google and are freely available to scholars and researchers world-wide.



The Research, Engagement, and Capabilities Hub of North Carolina (REACH NC) is a web portal that enables users to find experts and assets within North Carolina higher education and research institutions. REACH NC provides information on who the experts are at the individual, unit, and institutional levels; what publications are available at which institutions; who has been awarded grants and sponsored programs; who holds patents; what courses are or have been offered in specific fields; and which experts are working together (or could be!).


Centers & Institutes

UNCG hosts a variety of interdisciplinary centers and institutes which focus on a variety of topics and either address research questions or provide services to the community. The Office of Research & Economic Development maintains a list of all the Centers and Institutes at UNCG. Additionally, there is curated information on research and evaluation conducted by various Centers and Institutes on campus.


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