Strengthening Community-Engaged Education and Research in Health Equity

Team Members
  • Phyllis Carter, Executive Director, The Partnership Project
  • Crystal Dixon, Assistant Professor, Public Health Education, UNCG
  • Kari Thatcher, Chair, The Partnership Project
  • Jennifer Toller Erausquin, Assistant Professor, Public Health Education, UNCG
  • Kathleen Williams, Senior Associate Dean, School of Health and Human Sciences, UNCG
  • Christina Yongue, Assistant Professor, Public Health Education, UNCG

Due to the increasing complexity of 21st century challenges, there is an increased demand for collaborations that span boundaries of disciplines and sectors. Issues such as racial health equity will not be solved thought siloed work in community agencies or a single researcher’s work. The Community-Engaged Pathways and Partnerships (P2) grant program supports community-engaged scholarship that moves individual work to collective action.

The purpose of this conversation is to increase knowledge about community engagement work that enhances collective action among university-community partnerships and what is needed to support this work, which will be met by discussing the development, implementation, and evaluation of community-engaged grant programs. Participants will learn about the structure and purpose of the P2 grant program as well as lessons learned from its first cohort. While the practice and the literature on engaged departments has been increasing, there is little in theory or practice about engaging across units. Therefore, to better understand the impact of this grant program there is an evaluation component included to help us better design, implement, and modify our program. Presenters will share about the evaluation process as well as initial findings.

Through a 10-minute introduction, we will provide a basic description of the program and the roles of the presenters. Then we will facilitate conversation among the P2 grant administrators, participants, and evaluators and the audience.

Public Artifacts

HHS 376 Power Analysis Final Assignment Description

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HHS 376 Syllabus Spring 2021

Successes Challenges summary HHS 376 05.24.2021 FINAL

Team Presentation at P2 Fall 2019 Kickoff Meeting