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P&T General Resources

  • Community-Engaged Scholarship Review, Promotion and Tenure Package

    • A resource and guide for community-engaged scholars and university Review, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) committees. RPT committees can review the package to gain a greater understanding of how the scholarly rigor and impact of community-engaged scholarship (CES) can be documented for RPT. The package can also inform revisions of established RPT criteria to incorporate CES.
  • Ahmed, S.M., & Palermo, A.-G.S. (2010). Community engagement in research: Frameworks for education and peer review. American Journal of Public Health, 100(8), 1380-1387.
  • Documentation Checklist for Engaged Scholarship. College of Education. California State University Fullerton
    • An example checklist worksheet that has been filled with multiple forms of evidence that support each criteria listed to help in creating creating meaningful, high-quality, engaged scholarship.
  • Martinez-Brawley, E. E. (2003). The scholarship of engagement in a research university: Faculty incentives and disincentives. Metropolitan Universities Journal: An International Forum, 14(4), 116-130.
  • O’Meara, K. (2003). Reframing incentives and rewards for community service-learning and academic outreach. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 8(2), 201-220.
  • O’Meara, K. (2002). Uncovering the values in faculty evaluation of service as scholarship. The Review of Higher Education, 26(1), 57-80.
  • O’Meara, K., & Jaeger, A. J. (2006). Preparing future faculty for community engagement: Barriers, facilitators, models and recommendations. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 11(4), 3-26.
  • O’Meara, K., & Rice, R. E. (2005). Faculty priorities reconsidered: Rewarding multiple forms of scholarship. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
    • *Kerry Ann O’Meara was brought to UNCG in April 2009 by Dean Celia Hooper. This book was distributed to all HHP faculty.
  • Research University Engaged Scholarship Toolkit
    • Campus Compact shares an overview of engaged scholarship and how it compares with traditional (discovery) scholarship. They also explore the motivations for doing engaged scholarship, how to do it well, and how to develop engaged scholars and practitioners.
  • Saltmarsh, J., Giles Jr, D., Ward, E., & Buglione, S.M. (2009). Rewarding community-engaged scholarship. New Directions for Higher Education, 147, 25-35.
  • Ward, K. (2003). Faculty Service Roles and the Scholarship of Engagement (ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report, Vol. 29, No. 5). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, in coop. with ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education, Association for the Study of Higher Education, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, the George Washington University.