Our Scholarship

Our research agenda is continually being informed and shaped by our practice, scholarship, and relationships; it is not fixed. At present, our work is broadly encompassed by the following two areas of praxis.

Community-Higher Education Partnerships

  • Interpersonal, Intergroup, and Intra-organizational, and Cross-sector Partnerships
  • Partnership Identity Development Within Teams
  • Tensions, Conflict, and Healing

Leading Community Engagement into the Future

  • Defining Community Engagement in University Work
  • Recognizing and Rewarding the Mosaic of Faculty Talents and Community Engagement
  • Strategic Planning for Community Engagement within Higher Education Institutions & Associations
  • Tracking and Measuring Institutional Landscapes of Community Engagement
  • Institutional Identity, Image and Communication Management
  • Community-Engaged Pedagogy and Methodology
  • Future Directions of Service-Learning and Community Engagement and Publicly Engaged Scholarship