Leading Community Engagement into the Future


To lead community engagement into the future, institutions must participate in research and activities that anchor community-engaged practices. At UNCG, we have been creating a culture of engaged work through defining community engagement, recognizing faculty talents, participating in strategic planning, tracking and measuring community engagement activity, attending to our institutional identity and image, and pushing toward the future for engaged scholarship. ICEE has been integral to this advancement both in practice and in scholarly contributions. Here we share our learning through our publications.

Defining Community Engagement in University Work

Recognizing and Rewarding the Mosaic of Faculty Talents and Community Engagement

Strategic Planning for Community Engagement within Higher Education Institutions & Associations

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Tracking and Measuring Institutional Landscapes of Community Engagement

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Institutional Identity, Image and Communication Management

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Community-Engaged Pedagogy and Methodology

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Future Directions of Service-Learning and Community Engagement and Publicly Engaged Scholarship

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