How To Edit Collaboratory

Log Into Collaboratory

  1. Go to UNCG’s Collaboratory:
  2. Click the red Log In button at the top right
  3. Use your UNCG credentials to log in

Navigate to an Activity

  1. Once you are logged in, select your institution’s logo in the top left-hand corner.
  2. This will open your My Content dropdown.
  3. Select the Member Home button in the bottom-right corner to quickly access all Activities you have entered into Collaboratory, or on which you are identified as a Faculty/Staff Partner. Items will either appear from newest to oldest or in alphabetical order.
  4. Select an Activity from the list that you wish to edit.

Edit an Activity

  1. To edit your Activity, select Actions and then Edit from the grey dropdown in the upper-right.
  2. Review steps 1-5 to update any information.
  3. Make the desired updates to your Activity, and save by moving to a new step or clicking Save & Exit on Step 6.

Note that once your Activity is approved and published in Collaboratory the first time, any subsequent edits you make to the Activity will not be submitted for Moderation and will be immediately published.

Once you create an Activity, you can update it at any time.

Save an Activity

Your Activity progress will be saved automatically each time you move throughout Steps 1-6 in the Activity creation process. To move among steps, select the Steps Headers across the top of the Activity or select Next at the bottom of each step.

You may also save your Activity by selecting Save and Exit at the bottom of Step 6.