The programs listed below provide funding for UNCG faculty and their community and student partners to advance community-engaged research and teaching.

Community-Engaged Pathways and Partnerships (P2): A Grant Program for Academic Departments, Units, and Networks

Community-Engaged Pathways and Partnerships (P2) grants are offered to teams made up of at least one full-time faculty or non-faculty researcher whose position entails research or creative activity responsibilities; one to two collaborating faculty members; one department, unit, or network chair; and one non-profit or public sector community partner.

Teams are eligible for three consecutive years of funding up to $16,000. This grant supports teams who seek to build the capacity of their members and structures so that community-engaged initiatives move from individual efforts to collective action and commitments.

The grant application is due October 11, 2019.

ICEE Faculty Fellows

ICEE provides financial and resource support to faculty members to convene and facilitate learning communities around various topics related to community-engaged scholarship.

Community-Based Research Grants

The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement in partnership with the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office, and The Graduate School work collaboratively annually to sponsor Community-Based Research Grants to support research teams at UNCG. Research teams should consists of at least one faculty, community partner, undergraduate student, and graduate student.

Internal Research Awards

There are five types of intramural, competitive awards available through the Office of Research and Engagement. They are the New Faculty Research Awards, the Regular Faculty Research Awards, the Faculty First Awards, and the Community-Engaged Pathways and Partnerships Grant. Faculty can apply for these awards by submitting an application with supporting budget forms by the appropriate deadline.