Eviction Resolution

Team Members
  • Jeremy Bray, Professor of Economics and Head of Department, Economics, UNCG
  • Brett Byerly, Executive Director, Greensboro Housing Coalition
  • Kenneth Gruber, Evaluation Section Chair, Center for Youth and Family and Community Partnerships, UNCG
  • Somya Mohanti, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UNCG
  • Bruce Rich, Graduate Researcher, Center for Housing and Community Studies, UNCG
  • Stephen Sills, Director, Center for Housing and Community Studies, Associate Professor, Sociology, UNCG

The goal of our collaborative of academic departments, research centers, the NC District Courts, the Guilford County Government, the Greensboro Housing Coalition, community activists, landlord, local foundations, and other institutions is to reduce the displacement of families from their homes through eviction. Evictions lead to increase financial burdens for both landlords and tenants and often homelessness of displaced occupants. The programs that will be developed will identify and seek a mutually beneficial resolution to allow occupants to remain in their homes. The benefits of the program will be examined by conducting Return on Investment and Cost Saving analyses.

Public Artifacts

Greensboro’s Eviction Crisis Report

Greensboro Eviction Rates Are Among the Highest in the Country

A Closer Look at Evictions Infographic