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Posted on December 17, 2014

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The Center for Community-Engaged Design (CC-ED), led by faculty member Travis Hicks, has steadily gained traction and interest in the Greensboro community. This fall, Travis traveled to Edmonton, Alberta Canada on October 6-8 to co-present Design Pedagogy as a means for Community Engagement with Professor Rebekah Radtke from the University of Kentucky. The 15th Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium goal was to bring together academics and community members to explore, discuss, debate, and demonstrate why and how both universities and communities are changing. The organization hoped the conversations would be provocative and intense, calling on everyone to engage themselves in an examination of the organization’s motives, rhetoric, and the impacts they are actually having.

On October 10, Travis then traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend and present CC-ED’s work at the Imagining America (IA) Conference. The organization, Imagining America, Artists and Scholars in Public Life, has a mission to focus on collaboration, active dialogue, and problem solving around national issues. During this conference IA launched a new Commission on Publicly Engaged Design (CoPED) whose purpose is to ascertain the leading edges of publicly engaged design and develop an agenda around what IA can do to leverage their community to encourage breakthroughs and innovations and address challenges and barriers. Travis sat on the panel that launched Imagining America’s Commission on Publicly-Engaged Design. Participants came prepared to share several outstanding case studies of publicly engaged design work in the current field.

As mentioned earlier, Travis also attended and presented at the Interior Design Educator’s Council (IDEC) 2014 South Regional Conference at FSU in Tallahassee, Florida along with the involved IARc team. Travis gave one solo presentation, Students Who Give a Damn: Encouraging the Next Generation of Designers Through Community Engagement and a second presentation with Joylyn Troyer and Catherine French.

Travis Hicks submitted a poster, Illustrating the Impacts of Global Community Engaged Design describing how to effectively measure the impact of engaging in community-based projects abroad to both the 15th Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium and IDEC. Travis received an award for this poster presentation.

Join the IARc team in congratulating Travis on all the CC-ED’s hard work and success!

Save the date!


Plans are beginning to fall into place for our 2nd Annual Novem Mason Symposium on March 6-7 2015. This year’s theme, “Housing the Homeless,” will feature the work of IARc’s Center for Community-Engaged Design regarding homelessness and affordable housing in Greensboro. Brent Brown, nationally recognized scholar regarding community design and Director of bcWORKSHOP in Dallas, will be the keynote speaker and facilitator of the symposium. Additional collaborations are in the works so please stay tuned and mark March 6-7 on your calendars!

Reposted from [i]news (December 2014), the Newsletter of the UNCG Department of Interior Architecture 

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