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How is community engagement done? What does it take to be a partner?

This page provides a peek behind the scenes to share various perspectives of what it means to be in partnership. Too often the story of the individual people and the development of their relationship gets overlooked when the focus is on the activity or impact of the project. Reciprocal partnerships are an art and a science, as each is unique, evolves, and becomes transformative. By sharing the stories of established partners who have successfully found each other and worked together, we hope to inspire you to think differently and collaboratively with partners, and see yourself in a reciprocal relationship for mutual benefit.

Odell Cleveland + Bob Wineburg – The Welfare Reform Liaison Project

By Michelle Hines, University Relations Bob & Odell
Photography by Chris English, University Relations

A Jewish professor from New York state meets an African-American trucking manager from Charleston, South Carolina on a basketball court. The men become friends, launch a nonprofit that puts people to work and reduces welfare dependency to the tune of $8 million over the past 13 years.

Sound like a screenwriter’s pitch for the feel-good film of the year? Maybe. Only this story isn’t too good to be true.

Dr. Bob Wineburg, social work professor at UNCG, and the Rev. Odell Cleveland, who made the shift from the trucking industry to the ministry, tell the story of their partnership and the economic engine they created in a new book, “Pracademics & Community Change.” It is the story of an unlikely friendship but, more importantly, the success story of a grassroots nonprofit, the Welfare Reform Liaison Project, founded and grounded in Greensboro:

“I decided to enter legitimately into this awkward partnership in 1997 during lunch at a prominent Greensboro Steakhouse. Odell was in his business suit, and the whole ordeal had the feel of a highstakes business lunch, something a social work faculty member doesn’t experience too often. It is still Odell’s style. He was selling an idea and looking for my personal support and “research-based views.” So, there we were, no contracts, no memoranda of agreements, nothing formal – and there still isn’t between us. Just a simple “I will help out” on my part.”

Bob Wineburg, Ph.D., excerpted from “Pracademics and Community Change: A True Story of
Nonprofit Development and Social Entrepreneurship during Welfare Reform”

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