Be Here Club

The Be Here Club (BHC) is an informal monthly social/networking gathering intended to make the larger UNCG community a little smaller. Academic professionals, including faculty, administrators, and staff, often operate in insulated channels with diverse responsibilities, therefore making communal socialization, integration, and partnerships challenging. BHC is also a forum to encourage engagement with community members and partners from outside of UNCG to add to the aesthetic of Greensboro and create real opportunities for societal improvement on a local level. Above all else, the BHC is simply a place to find, and build, camaraderie and comfort for those who call UNCG and Greensboro home. Email Elise Eifert at or Monica Scovell at for more information about Be Here Club and meeting locations.

Food is sponsored by the Deans of the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Health and Human Sciences, and the UNCG chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

Dr. Elise K. Eifert is an Assistant Professor in and Graduate Coordinator for the fully online Gerontology program within the Department of Social Work. Dr. Eifert has extensive experience working with older adults at the community level in the areas of health education and health promotion.

Monica Scovell recently became Assistant Director of Study Abroad after a career shift from the tenure-track path in French literature. She appreciates the importance of collaboration not only across disciplines but also between administration, faculty, and staff in order to develop and launch new initiatives. Elise and Monica believe that the opportunity to engage with others and share ideas is essential to building strong communities. They recognize the importance of community engagement in creating networks of diverse people willing to have conversations that lead to positive change.