Arts & Technology (ad)Venture

Partnership Title: Arts & Technology (ad)Venture

Team Members: Jennida Chase, Hassan Pitts, Muktha Jost, Amy Adamson, Jenny Braswell, Maria-Elena Surprenant, Lindsay Traumuller, Alev Flannagan, Caitlyn Schrader

Offices/Organizations Represented: John Motley Morehead Expressive Arts Magnet Elementary School (Morehead), the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s (UNCG) Media Studies Department (MST), and the Department of Cartoon and Animation at Baskent University in Ankara, Turkey, as well as local independent artists.

Proposal Abstract: The Arts & Technology (ad)Venture, combines project-based collaboration with creative community building. This venture has two components. First, to design, support, and execute large scale collaborative projects that double as robust experiential learning opportunities. Second, to foster creative community by facilitating dialog and connection for artists and educators to offer support, and to encourage innovation by consistently inviting people into conversation. The venture will yield both high scholarly impact and direct community impact. This venture grows out of already existing partnerships and a history of previous collaborations. It seeks to continue to foster these relationships and build to include new ones.